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Client Portal Guide

24/7 Access

One of the most significant advantages of our client portal is that it is accessible 24/7. We understand that our clients have busy schedules and may need to access their legal information outside of regular business hours. With our portal, you can log in at your convenience and have access to a wide range of features.
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View and Pay Bills

Gone are the days of mailing checks or making phone calls to pay your legal bills. Our client portal allows you to conveniently view and pay your bills online. You can access your billing statements, review the details of each charge, and securely make payments directly through the portal. This feature not only saves time but also provides a transparent and organized way to manage your legal expenses.
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Message Your Attorney and Paralegal

Effective communication is vital in any legal matter. Our client portal provides a secure and efficient channel for you to communicate with your attorney and paralegal. You can send and receive messages, ask questions, provide updates, and get the information you need to move forward with your case. This direct line of communication ensures that you stay informed and connected throughout the legal process.

View Case Documents

Keeping track of important case documents can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with complex legal matters. Our client portal simplifies this process by providing a centralized location for all your case documents. You can access and view important files, such as pleadings, contracts, court orders, and correspondence. Having all your documents in one place streamlines your case management and allows for easy reference whenever needed.